Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Grace, Gold, & Glory

Just wanted to write a book review about Grace, Gold, & Glory, by Gabrielle Douglas which I have read recently. I just loved it!

Grace, Gold, & Glory, by Gabrielle Douglas is a great book to read! Gabrielle vividly takes the reader through her journey to the 2012 Olympics. First, I would like to give you a critique of what I enjoyed best from reading this amazing autobiography.

      After difficult beginning years, Gabrielle Douglas, ("Gabby"), first took gymnastics lessons at age 6. She kept on with gymnastics through the years in difficult, strenuous training, that leads to trying our for the Olympic team. Gabby's mom, Natalie Douglas, worked many hours in her double shifts as a banker to pay for her daughter's expensive training, which would, in the end pay off! After her 15th Winter birthday, Gabby trained especially hard with her new coach, Liang Chow, for the 2012 London Olympic Trials. Not everyone gets to be on Team USA. With God's help, Gabrielle made it to London as one of the 5 gymnasts chosen! Day after Olympic day, Team USA gymnasts performed on the beam, vault, bars, and floor, which the judges strictly judged. Even 1/2 a point could determine whether you would be the all-around champion or not. Through determination and perseverance, Gabrielle Douglas was the first African-American woman to be an all-around winner and a Team USA champion, taking home 2 gold medals!

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure to read Grace, Gold, & Glory to explore many more exciting details that I left out for you to discover! This book truly portrays that with perseverance, your dreams, with God's help, can come true.