Thursday, February 23, 2012

Honesty Counts

Honesty Counts
Once Upon a time,
In the fertile land of Egypt, lived a young shepherd girl who lay dreamily watching her father’s sheep as they contently grazed in the pasture. Her father had wisely warned her that morning before she left of her duty to call “Alligator!” to the near farmers if she perceived an alligator was near, because the pasture was right be the Nile River. Alligators who lived in the Nile were known to attack the helpless sheep, as they considered the  sheep to be a prized meal.
One afternoon, as the lonely girl played with the sheep while gazing at the sky, she was so bored and she longed for some company. The shepherd girl decided that she ought to have a little fun, so she called, “Alligator, Alligator!!”
The farmers quickly arrived with bows and arrows, and because they knew what a danger the alligators were, came instantly…without reluctance. 
“Where’s the alligator?,” the farmers cried. The exited shepherd girl who laughed, and laughed, exclaimed, “I was just joking, and I was so lonely, that I just had to have some fun.” 
  Before the upset farmers left, they strictly warned her never to do it again. So the girl trudgingly resumed her duty.
As time wore on, she began to get bored again, but this time she was lonlier than ever, and she was overwhelmed by her boredness.

“I just have to have some company, this time!” She muttered desperately to herself.
So the foolish shepherd girl again called out, “Alligator, Alligator!”
The farmers came to her aid, though a little more reluctantly this time, because they did not want to be tricked once more.
“Where’s the alligator, where, where, where, quickly tell us!!,” the men cried, out of breath.
     “Oh, come on, can’t I have a little fun?, the girl told them exitedly. I really need some company, since I’m so bored!”
The men furiously exclaimed, “ Don’t ever, ever do it again!”
     The next day, as the girl sat on duty, in the late afternoon, as the sun was just about to set in the west, she heard a sudden rippling in the Nile…she perceived something moving!! It was coming closer, and closer, and closer… the sheep!!! The shepherd was extremely terrified!! It was really an alligator! She yelled at the top of her lungs, “ALLIGATOR!!! ALLIGA----”
But the farmers, who did not believe her, certainly did not want to be tricked again.
Then they imagined that they heard violent yells, of HELP!! So they very reluctantly came to the shepherd’s aid…but it was too late. The scared girl sat sobbing violently under the tree,
The alligator had eaten all the sheep. The farmers sadly took the shepherd to her home.
Although the sheep the shepherd was looking after were slain, she had learned a very important lesson, that would be extremely useful to her as she grew older. She learned that if she desired people to believe her, she must not tell lies, and then expect people to believe her when she was telling the truth. Honesty Counts

Job 31:6